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This page contains the latest information about "The Kids" as well as Bill & Cathy.

Alison & Brett:
Alison and Brett live in the Los Angeles area.  Alison moved back to LA in March 2006 after living in Savannah, GA for several yearsThey met in LA in 2007.  Ali is a nanny for a local couple and thoroughly enjoys working with the kids.  She is enjoying being back in the LA area.  Brett works in construction and has 2 boys.  In addition, Brett rides a Harley...a 2006 Fat Boy...gotta like that!

Jerry, Amy, Emma at Clearwater Beach - June, 2008

Jerry, Amy and Emma
On May 9th, 2007, Jerry and Amy became the proud parents of their first daughter, Emma Catherine.  Emma is our first grandchild.  Shortly after Emma was born, Jerry and Amy decided to move to Amy's hometown, Huntsville, AL.  They decided the small town environment would be a better environment for their newly expanded family.  Jerry took a job with Amy's dad working as an Electrical QA manager.  Amy is also working for her Dad managing the office. 
Jerry and Amy post pictures of Emma on a regular basis at their picture site.  CLICK HERE to go to that site.


Jocelyn & Daniel:
Joce and Daniel were married in August of 2008.  Shortly thereafter they moved to Germany.  It was a fantastic opportunity to live in another country and they both jumped at the opportunity.  They both love the outdoors and being in such a beautiful setting  When not enjoying the outdoors, Joce teaches English as a second language at a local German school in their town (Weimar) and is learning German.  Daniel is continuing his studies in city design and planning.  Luckily he already speaks German.  Daniel's mom lives a couple of hours away, so they were able to spend the holidays with family in Germany.


Maria lives in the Clearwater area and works for AT&T Wireless  In addition, Maria is working on her undergraduate business degree at a local university.  Maria got her SCUBA certification in 2008...she is a natural in the water.  Between work, school and studying, she is one busy lady!

Tina and Chris

Tina & Chris:
Tina and Chris were married in September of 2008.  They live in the Clearwater area.  Tina works for an insurance underwriting firm.  Chris works as a technician for a local Heating & Air Conditioning company.  In addition, he is attending school to get his certification in the Heating and Air Conditioning field.  Tina and Chris hosted Christmas dinner at her house this year...very nice!

Bill & Cathy Wedding Picture

Bill & Cathy in St. Croix 

Bill & Cathy Honeymoon Picture

Bill (the big kid) and Cathy:
Born and reared in Georgia, Bill moved to Tampa, FL in August, 2002 after spending 13+ years in the LA area.

Born in Greece and reared in NY, Cathy has lived in the Tampa Bay area for 20 years.

We are one of those lucky couples you read about who meets the love of their life online.
We were fortunate to meet in 2003 via's online dating service, fell madly in love and were married in April of 2005.  It is amazing how twists of fate bring two people together.
To see our wedding and honeymoon pictures, click here:   
Wedding Pictures       Honeymoon Pictures

Bill works for Convergys, an Enterprise Call Center and Software vendor, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.
  Bill sells Convergys' software products to Telco, Satellite and Cable companies located within the US and to companies located in South America.

Cathy works for BayCare HomeCare as a Registered Nurse doing home healthcare.  Cathy also sells real estate on a part time basis with Century 21.  Speaking fluent Greek, she gets many of her referrals from Greek friends and associates.  It keeps her busy!

When it is time to get away from the demands of work, we stay busy with lots of fun activities.  Bill enjoys SCUBA diving every chance he gets.  Cathy enjoys snorkeling, but hasn't taken the plunge (so to speak) with SCUBA diving.  You can see Bill's underwater pictures on the Pictures/Diving pages. 

We both enjoy hopping on the Harley, putting the wind in our face and seeing where the road leads us.  With a Harley, it truly is about "the journey" and not necessarily the destination.  If you would like to see pictures from our Harley trips, you can click on the Pictures/Harley links.

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